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July 31, 2013

SUPERCAT - Extreme Eyeliner Pen

Following my current obsession with Soap&Glory I wanted to review the SUPERCAT eyeliner.  I purchased it at Boots after my Maybelline Master Precise's tip broke and I couldn't use it anymore, so I was really happy with the Supercat eyeliner as the tip feels quite stiff as opposed to the soft one from Maybelline.

I love how it is really black and matte, it is also really easy to apply as the felt tip easily glides onto the skin, so you can achieve any cat-eye look (really thin or bold wing ). However, there are a couple of things that weren't to my liking. 

1.- The smell of it reminds me of those big permanent markers that we used at school! I was a little bit sceptical the first time thinking it would sting my eye (it didn't) or that it wouldn't be right to apply onto my eyelid.

2.- The time it takes to dry is a bit long (longer than gel eyeliner) for my taste so I have to be careful not to touch my eye or I'll ruin my makeup.

Gel is my favourite type of eyeliner as I think the result looks cleaner, however it takes me more time to apply so I choose liquid when I am in a hurry.  

I think the SUPERCAT is a good liquid eyeliner, it does the job and is not expensive at £6, so it is definitely worth a try! Also, I love the packaging!

Have you tried the SUPERCAT? Did you find the smell a bit weird too?

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